Alessandra Rombolà & Xelo Giner are two international soloists, whose professional career is characterized by their specialization in the investigation and interpretation of contemporary repertoire and newly created works.
The present project presents a wide repertoire of works for soloist and acoustic chamber music and works based on new applied technologies: electroacoustic and audiovisual.
In the works of new creation, where the interpreters intervene during the process and creative feedback with the composer, they present us with a daring work based on the experimental search that will allow them to amalgamate the extensive sonorities produced by the different flutes and saxophones.
In the performative stage work, the two interpreters stand out for a strong personality characterized by the communicative gestural interaction and movement between them, and with the audience itself as a transmitting element.
The program that forms the project is based on the one hand on works of consolidated composers of the current contemporary panorama: Sofia Gubaidulina, Kaija Saariaho, Olga Neuwirth or Chaya Czernowin and on the other hand, in works of composers belonging to the new generation, such as Elena Rykova , Sarah Nemtsov, Diana Rotaru, Helga Arias, Nuria Jimenez, Sasha Lemke, Yumiko Yokoi, Junghae Lee, Annelies Van Parys, Katherina Rosenberger, Sanae Ishida, Irene Galindo and Helena Casanova among others.

This project is a reflection of artistic expression and both human and latent: music through the interpretation and improvisation in real time. The sonorous result of this training instruments, saxophone and electroacoustic device is a job search based on sound, exploring the technical and timbre of each instrument, and getting an audible fusion of a strange beauty.
The present program consists of original works for our training, works as a duo, solo works and improvisation.

Violin – Jenny Guerra
Saxophone – Xelo Giner
Electronics – Miguel A. Berbis

Electro Spanish Sound

The soloists of this threesome project bring forth a ground-breaking proposal that parts from the works for saxophone, violin and electronics that have been written for the performers: Grab them by the pussy by Helga Arias, Juana la loca by Miguel Ángel Berbis, Grietas de piel by J.J. Peña Aguayo and Retórique by Carlos Perales. An explosive mix that demands the intense chamber musicianship necessary for a desired balance between such
contrasting timbres as are the violin and the saxophone, joining them with electronic sounds. Thus, the exchange between performers and composers is of vital importance. The remaining compositions have been cautiously selected for the exposition of the diverse possibilities and resources present in the interaction among traditional instruments and the applied technologies.

In Acoustic

The soloists of this project In Acoustic present a proposal with works by duo and just some of the great references of the new music of the XX and XXI centuries. An explosive combination that requires intense camera work to achieve the perfect balance of two contrasting sonorities such as the saxophone and the violin, or the sax and viola, as well as the demanding works that only make up the program.
This project continues the work being done by Xelo Giner and Jenny Guerra with works for sax, violin and electronica, written and dedicated to the performers: Grab them by the pussy by Helga Arias, Juana la loca by Miguel Ángel Berbis, Skin cracks from JJ Peña Aguayo and Retórique de Carlos Perales, in addition to the works dedicated individually to each of them, which make up a catalog of more than 60 creations.

Inspiration and reflection on the marble, white ceramic, iron, alabaster and light, made ??the conversion and then to the dissipation of the transformation of sound textures and tactile materials, textural sculptures intangible, visible through “ways of silence and sound “found and become light, life and art.

Xelo Giner – Saxophone

Beatriz Carbonell – Sculptures