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György Kurtág and Xelo Giner- 2016 "Palace of arts" Budapest

Ms. Giner is the founder of Equilater Ensemble.

"It was in Montreal in July 2000. Where I had the great pleasure of discovering Xelo, great musician, linked to the creation of new works of contemporary repertoire. Great saxophone and beautiful artistic conception. Thanks to a joint musical project was held in Valencia in May 2002, I discovered the many qualities of Xelo, as a musician, artist, involved at the level of the organization and the conception stage, a musician of great personality."

"Music is time that is lit by great musicians like Xelo Giner. Extremely fortunate that my time and theirs intersect Rate of Eternity"

Saxophone teacher at the Covent Garden Soloists Academy and contemporary chamber music teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón.

Musician, saxophone player, a reference on the country: "music comes alive in her personality, full of unlimited energy"
"Fantastic, amazing, when you play you are able to make yours every single musical phrase, you are inside of the music; every movement and gesutre is pure expression and naturalness".
György Kurtag

"A project intended to reflect the timelessness and universality of the most humane and alive artistic expression: music through the interpretation and diffusion of contemporary music."

Xelo plays like a soloist in different countries like Japan, Geneve, England, Canada, France, Portugal, Hungary, Germany. In Spain, she deveps a concert activity organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture, IVM, CDMC, SGAE, LEA, Phonos, AMEE, Auditori Nacional de Catalunya, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, University of Valencia and University of Barcelona, highlighting their participation in contemporary music festivals like: Alicante, Forum Walis Geneve, International Computer Music Conference 2005 at the Auditorium of Barcelona, ENSEMS, LEM, Avui Music, Mostra Sonora, International Conference on Contemporary Music and Technology (CIMTEC) Keroxen of Tenerife, Montréal World saxophone Congress, Vostell Museum, Contemporary Art Museum of Bayonne and Bordeaux, Bernaola 14, Rafel Festival, DB Radical Zaragoza...

The investigation and interpretation of contemporary music and the election of its repertoire about great composers will strongly influence her musical career, including works by G. Kurtag, G. Scelsi, I. Xenakis, H. Lanchemann, G. Grisey, T. Hosokawa, J. Cage, M. Lindberg, I.Malec, S. Gubaidulina, G. Aperguis, K. Stockhausen, JM Lopez, J. M Sanchez-Verdú, L. Berio. She premieres the: "Concerto for Saxophone and Grup Instrumental” by Joan Guinjoan at the Cordoba Contemporary Music Fetival and at the Catalonia National Auditorium. She also premiere works by F. Rossé, J. Torres, H. Hunt, R. Lazkano, R. Climent, A. Gardner, J. Rueda, V. Garcia, H. Hirayama, S. Klaverdal, I. Urrutia, Y. Takenaka, A. Bernal, E. Barroso, C. Perales, C. Satué, A. Charles among others.

She is foundig member of Equilater Ensemble, with percussionist Sisco Aparicio, Calliope, Cseallox, "Sound textures", with the sculptor Beatriz Carbonell, "Sonodualis",with mezzo-soprano Sara Almazan, and Ensemble d´Arts.

She has been saxophone teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Navarra. She taught saxophone masterclasses in Japan, University of Aveiro, Conservatorio Superior de Música de Badajoz, etc. She has been invited to teach in courses organized by the UNED, Forum Musikae, the Basque Government and Generalitat Valenciana. She is the resident saxophone teacher at the AD Libitum ( High performance summer course)

She has collaborated with the Orquesta de la Comunidad Valenciana, Palau de les Arts, leaded by Zubin Mehta, Madrid Symphony Orchestra, Radio Symphony Orchestra of Spain, Orchestre National de Bordeaux, Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, Pablo Sarasate Orchestra, Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, Grup Instrumental de València, Grupo Enigma, Barcelona 216. She was a member of the World Youth Wind Orchestra and solo saxophone with the Banda Municipal de Barcelona.

She has recorded two CD´s: “ Xelo Giner”, “ Escala de Blaus”. She also collaborates at the recording of the Alexandra Gadner monographic Cd.

Supported by the IVM, the French Ministry of Culture and the IEA, ends her saxophone studies at the National Conservatory of Bordeaux (France) ,with the teachers Jean Marie Londeix and M.B. Charrier. She was awarded at the following international music competitions: TIM ( Italy), Pedro Bote (Spain) and Gustav Bumker (Germany).

Sponsored by SELMER saxophones and by the Institut Valencià de la Música.